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Welcome to Business Directory SA, the ultimate platform for businesses to promote their services and products in South Africa. Our website offers free business listings and serves as a comprehensive business directory for the local community. Managed by Digital Fidelity, we are committed to helping businesses thrive by providing a seamless connection between consumers and service providers.


  • Free Business Listings: We understand the importance of cost-effective advertising for businesses, especially in today’s competitive market. That’s why we offer free business listings, giving you a chance to showcase your company to potential customers without any financial burden.
  • Relevant and SEO Friendly: Our content is carefully crafted to cater to the needs of both users and search engines. By incorporating relevant keywords and SEO-friendly techniques, we ensure that your business listing has maximum visibility on Google and other search engine platforms.


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  • Accommodation in Rustenburg: Planning a visit to Rustenburg? Search for the finest guest houses and accommodations in the area. Enjoy a comfortable stay and explore the beauty of Rustenburg, known for its rich history and nature.
  • Shopping Malls in Rustenburg: Uncover the best shopping experiences Rustenburg has to offer. Find malls and shopping centers that cater to your needs, whether you’re looking for fashion, electronics, or a place to relax and dine.
  • Jobs and Vacancies in Rustenburg: Looking for employment opportunities in Rustenburg? Our business directory provides listings for jobs and vacancies, connecting job seekers with potential employers.


  • Marketing Management: Gain insights into effective marketing strategies for your business. Learn about marketing management techniques and boost your brand’s visibility.
  • Marketing Strategy: Craft a compelling marketing strategy to attract customers and increase sales. Get tips and tricks on how to create an impactful marketing strategy in today’s digital world.
  • Advertiser: Explore advertising opportunities with Business Directory SA and connect with your target audience. Promote your brand effectively and drive more traffic to your business.
  • Advertisement: With our user-friendly platform, you can create captivating advertisements that resonate with your customers. Make an impact with well-designed ads and gain a competitive edge.

Business Directory SA is your go-to destination for free business listings and business directory services in South Africa. Let us help you connect with the local community and reach new customers. Start exploring and listing your business today!



Our premium ad plan offers a comprehensive advertising solution for businesses, products, or services at a monthly fee of R199.99. With this plan, you have the flexibility to advertise anything you want while also having the option to provide your own design or have our team create a custom design for you at no extra cost. Your advertisement will be strategically placed in key areas on our website, including the front page and login page, ensuring maximum visibility for your target audience. To take advantage of this offer, simply fill out the form on our contact us page, providing any necessary information about your advertisement requirements. We value your input and aim to deliver exactly what you need.

– South African Premier Division: Follow the latest updates on the South African Premier Division, one of the country’s most exciting football leagues, where local talent shines.

– South African Cricket: Stay up-to-date with the South African cricket scene, including fixtures, scores, and player profiles. Get insights into the nation’s passion for the sport.

– South African National Soccer Team: Cheer for the national soccer team and keep track of their achievements. Stay connected to the team’s progress, matches, and player news.

– SA Rugby: Witness the strength, skills, and determination of South African rugby teams. Catch up on the latest rugby news, matches, and analysis.

Rustenburg Weather Updates: Stay informed and plan your activities with real-time Rustenburg weather updates. Find reliable weather forecasts to make the most of your day, whether for work or leisure.

Advertiser’s Tools: Utilize our advertiser’s tools to track the performance of your ads and measure their impact. Maximize your advertising ROI and make data-driven marketing decisions.

E-tender Opportunities: Stay informed about e-tender opportunities that match your business expertise. Explore the world of e-tenders and never miss a chance to secure a profitable contract.


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