Cannabis Oil for Cancer

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For most people it will take about 60 grams of pure cannabis oil to kill most cancers. When looking to use hemp oil to cure cancer it will take about 90 days for the average individual to ingest a full 60 gram cannabis oil treatment.

A typical individual should start by orally ingesting two to three doses of cannabis oil to cure cancer per day.

We make oils with a – 1:1 Ratio, 1:2 Ratio, 3:1 Ratio’s and our oil is made purely with buds and no seeds from female plants!

We use unfertilized female plants as they produce no seeds and more THC is found present then in the buds! The oil is made from a indoor hydrophobic set up without any pesticides or GMO’s.

During the first week of ingesting the cannabis oil for cancer, the optimum dose size should be approximately half the size of a grain of rice. Once the oil has already been ingested for a total of a week, the patient should start to take double the quantity almost doubling up the dose.

The cannabis oil drops dosage is recommenced to be doubled every three to four days thereafter to get to the point of ingesting 1 gram per day. The majority of patients using the hemp oil for cancer can achieve this objective and get to the point where ingesting 1 gram a day taking up to about the 95 day mark.

Cannabis Oil for Cancer
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